Top 10 Real Estate Photography Best Practices

Those of you in the lookout of dream homes must assess multiple things before making apartment or home buying decisions. Exploration intensity deepens if searches are through web platform. Although location and pricing are pivotal in such explorations keen focus on interior and exterior decorations ascertains best deal. Buying home isn’t an affair for a day. Show profound interest to observe anything and everything pertaining to homes. Besides additional features if any, make it mandatory to evaluate the real estate photos prior to buying a home. Such pictures support to make opinions about properties you look at. You understand home’s attractiveness or follies if any through observing the pictures.  

Real estate pictures are important and always encourage home buyers to make home buying decisions sincere. The Wall Street Journal reveals in a survey that majority home buyers spend 60% of time exploring listing photos while only 20% each on the listing descriptions to agent descriptions, being provided alongside.

According to market leader, realtors have 20 seconds to grab potential buyer’s attention without photos but mere 2 seconds with photos. High quality images play pivotal role to increase house or apartment sales. It is primary reason that most reputed real estate agents prefer hiring professional photographers for that purpose. Once photos are clicked, agents go for outsourcing professionals for image editing and retouching services to present them impressively.

Some homes might have good built-up but fail to attract the buyers due to not looking beautiful and without being armed with superb design, architecture or even lighting arrangements. To let such homes sold, you require professional photographers to create the images which focus on projecting specific aspects of home’s beautiful portions to seek buyer attention. The goal of a professional photographer should be to turn even an ugliest looking home to appeal to a potential buyer.

Experts associated with real estate photography opine that these top 10 best practices for commercial real estate photography leave charismatic impact:

  • 1.Use High Quality Equipment

There remains certain must-have item which you should click in the real estate properties. Expert photographers always stress on the following to use to get that zest in pictures:

Wide-angle lens: Go for high quality branded wide-angle lens to use them. Such recommended lenses are capable to zoom out far enough to make the rooms look larger and spacious without causing any unrealistic distortion or proportions. Avoid fish-eye lens. Use lenses creatively for best of architectural beauty like through tilt-shift lens or latest primes and obtain good outlook.

Tripod: Using tripod is a great idea as hand-holding camera for interior photography would indeed be unprofessional. Chances are high that without using tripods you come up with blurred shots to go in vain. Get yourself armed with a tripod and remote shutter release to remove risk of camera shake while clicking pictures.

Flash: Always use high quality flash as it is considered one of the most important tools in real-estate photography. To use flash creatively, you require some wireless triggers too. You are able to use flash better and click pictures professionally by obtaining such accessories. In the meanwhile you also counter various possible restrictions.

  • 2.Understand the Objective

Clicking photos isn’t a great achievement but what is important is how click and if according to the client’s requirement or not. Customer satisfaction is great achievement for photographers. Before clicking pictures, you must discuss with the client what you would achieve through the pictures. Understanding the objective behind taking pictures turn images vibrant. As professional photographer, you should clearly understand goals of your clients and take measures to achieve the target.  

  • 3.Decorate the Location

Decorating locations also supports to click attractive images. For residential interior photography, your ultimate goal should be presenting a property into an attractive beautiful home. All rooms maintain key items which must reflect in the photos. Highlighting such stuffs as pictures would be great way to lure viewers’ eyes.

  • 4.Control the Ambience Light and Flash Light

Controlling ambience and flash light remains equally mandatory. You might otherwise end up with clicking blurred images. High-end professional real estate photography involves balancing lights coming through the windows with that inside a property. Balancing light correctly lets you see the views outside the windows. It is vital to seek viewer attention.  

  • 5.Use a Full Frame Camera

Consider Sensor size and not megapixels when buying cameras for real estate photography purpose. Prefer large sensor size for improved image quality and better low light performance. Furthermore, with wider field of view, capture more of the room in the picture to turn that captivating.

  • 6.Emphasize Best Item in Each Room

In real estate photography, you should emphasize best item available in properties. Find out property’s selling points to emphasize on them. Consider outsourcing editing and to retouch services in order to make the images incredible.

  • 7.Focus on Your Goal

It is mandatory to decide what is to be captured. Understand whether it is a house to feature an architectural design or ambiance. Once you are aware of it and set goal for a photo shoot, begin your preparation and do that accordingly to fulfill that goal.

  • 8.Outsource Editing and Retouching Services

Outsourcing editing and retouching services to professional companies help to metamorphose images into masterpieces. While discussing requirements with outsourcing partners let them understand your goals without any confusion. Several companies offer real estate photo editing services at cost effective rates. Approach them.

  • 9.Provide Quick Turnaround

Real Estate industry is driven by location, price and timing factors. You must provide quick turnaround in order to fulfill client requirements. Transparent communication with real estate agents having hired you would be the key to ensure you get the images delivered in deadline. In case you are busy, hire an assistant to assists you finish the photography project quickly.

  • 10.Be Ready to Bargain

Professional real estate photography is indeed a high paying job. At the same juncture, you should be ready to bargain because several clients do it very hard before finalizing the deals. You should be ready with your ground research while dealing with them.  


Real estate photography is a creative job thus you must understand its basics. Above mentioned points help you click real estate pictures and help get them noticed. By availing real estate image outsourcing for editing and retouching services, you further polish pictures by involving professionals. Outsource photo editing service providers for professionals finishing with perfection. Turn them truly appealing.

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