Top 10 Real Estate Photography Tips for Beginners

Have you heard a phrase “First Impression is the Last Impression”? When it comes to a real estate project, imagination is everything. Through the images, marketers sell their projects to the end-customers. When it comes to real estate photography though, there is no scope of errors. Quality images attract the potential buyers and make the products appealing. Real estate photography is completely different from the rest forms of photography. Before delving into this profession, you need to get training to become master in it. With a few simple real estate photography tips and proper homework, photographers can definitely produce attractive yet convincing photos which will motivate the buyers to make their purchasing decisions.

Find below the top 10 real estate photography tips for beginners:

These tips have helped a number of photographers to become masters in the real estate photography. So, go through them and try to keep that in mind while you are in action.

1. Use the Latest Camera

As technology continues to develop, cameras have become advanced and pictures taken from the advanced cameras are having more clarity. Your clients are going to expect the best photo of properties as part of the services you provide.

Some common features

  • Save time
  • Many functions
  • Weightless
  • Easy to handle

2. Understand the Requirement of Your Clients

A report of the United States Department of Labor reveals that real estate photography job is one of the well-paid jobs available in the market. One of the challenges is that you have to understand the requirements of your clients as well as consumers. The real estate photography is subdivided into 3 specific styles:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Architectural

Before starting to shoot, go through the property and find out the places you want to highlight.

3. Consider a Wide Angle Lens

Using a wide angle lens is essential in order to capture the full essence of the space. In addition, it allows you for wider shots which give a better sense of depth and detail of properties concerned. While potential buyers look at those photos online that had been taken through using wide angle lens, their quality would make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Amalgamate Multiple Images Together

You are shooting to sell properties instead of improving your artistic skills. Try to mingle best few photos into one so that it appears appealing. You can use some tolls as well to mix up few different images into one. Keep in mind the background of such images. A great image will appear dull if it doesn’t have a great background.

5. Move the Camera

You have to develop a sense while capturing the properties to sell. Move the camera vertically as well as horizontally according to your instincts. You have to decide your own to move camera before shooting a particular place. Different places of a property would look different at certain heights and angles. Moving your camera will produce more grandiose feel. So, don’t just put in the camera on the floor.

6. Get Your Pricing Right

There is no dearth of professionals in the market who compete with you. Since you are a beginner, you need to have some quality and satisfied clients. So, keep your pricing low and try to retain maximum customers. Once you get expertise and have many clients, increase your pricing gradually. Now, your focus should be on your brand building.

7. Learn Lighting and Photoshop Techniques

In order to survive in a cutthroat competitive market, you should not only master in photography but also in the lighting and Photoshop techniques. Once the photos are captured, you should sit in with your client and edit that to look perfect. There are many editing tools available in the market which help you to the greater extent.

8. Know What to Capture

If you are invited to capture a flat to sell, you need to ensure that it looks complete and answers to all expected questions which potential buyers might have. With that in mind, you must remember to capture the following areas:

  • Exterior of the flat
  • Interior of the flat
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Bathroom

9. Take Advantage of Image Editing Services

No matter how good your shot is, there is always a room for improvement in the real estate images. Clicking quality pictures means half work done. Thereafter, hire professional real estate image editing service to improve the outlook of images and to make them perfect from all angles. Before you hire a professional, you must have clear understanding of the goal from such images.

10. Avoid Common Mistakes

There are several common mistakes which photographers make repeatedly. Such mistakes not only mar the outlook of images but also affect the overall branding. You must avoid weird reflection of a flash. Clean the lenses before each shoot. The images should appear natural. Don’t go heavy with the editing services. Instead of capturing certain items capture the whole room. Apart from these, there are many other points, which you need to keep in mind.


A simple search through the web will be helpful to get in touch with several such professionals. But choose the only one after going through its past work and clients’ feedback. A reputed and known photo editing company not only offers you exceptional services at cost-effective rates but also develops good relationships with each customer. Round the clock, customer care service helps companies to get connected with each client irrespective of the diverse geographical regions.

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