Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry Retouching Services


It is indeed a challenging task to provide quality jewelry retouching services with the kind of satisfaction or requirements of each and every customer seeks. We, at Photo Editing Services Company, accept that challenge and ensure providing services, which are satisfactory and of best standard. Our operations team involves desired resources with dedication to use the capabilities sincerely to meet the expectations of each of our clients.  

Photographers from all over the world often contact us for their photo jewelry retouching or jewelry photo editing service needs. Whenever photographers work with jewelry product manufacturers or suppliers, our professional retouching service provides essential solutions to lead for the higher sales for online markets whose first impressions are through the digitized image catalogs.

Our professional jewelry photo editing services are highly focused ones. Thus, they are self-explanatory as professional outputs. Whether the requirements are for the big companies or even re-sellers, we treat them with sincerity. Our group even supports beginner artists and photographers through promoting their professional as well as non-professional photos from our certified platform.

Jewelry retouching service experts at our end have practical experience of retouching for multiple products. It includes engagement & wedding rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants, anklets, charms, brochures and watches to name a few.

We provide following services under our Jewelry Retouching Service category

  • Scratch & Dust Removal

    Our professionals eliminate the appearance of dusts and scratches from the images to ensure that jewelry items in the images appear spotless. We excel at retouching jewelry photos through cleaning up wear and scratches.
  • Background & Mannequin Removal

    With our background removal services, we ensure to take out any unwanted elements from the image that might distract the viewer attention. In fact, appearance of a mannequin can impact the appeal of a picture. Our professionals offer specialized background removal services besides replacement for the missing pieces of jewelry which get hidden due to the use of mannequins.
  • Focus Stacking

    With our focus stacking services, jewelry retouching experts can amalgamate diverse pictures that have distinct portions of the jewelry in focus. In addition, our experts offer you digital combination of various pictures to deliver one photograph with the entire piece of jewelry in focus. Our focus stacking services make sure that any of the blurred elements in pictures are removed thoroughly.
  • Jewelry Recoloring Services

    We provide wide array of jewelry recoloring services so that our clients can exhibit different color options available in the specific type of jewelry easily without having to click, edit and retouch different jewelry images. With the service, you can coax the viewers to buy the item.
  • Image Combination

    In most cases, different pieces of jewelries are captured in various photo shoots. For instance, a necklace is captured in one image, and the matching earrings or bangles in the other. Our professionals are trained to offer digital image combination services for such images wherein they can merge diverse pictures into one so as to showcase all the required jewelry pieces in one single image.
  • Shine Enhancement

    Our shine enhancement services ensure that your jewelry items appear lustrous as if they have been just polished. Photographers cannot capture the shine and gloss of jewelry accurately, so we offer this facility for our clients.

Benefits of our Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

There are countless benefits of choosing our jewelry photo retouching services. By using the advanced digital technology, our company is able to provide best-in-class services while making sure that you get optimum benefits of jewelry photo retouching with us.

OURS Global Photo Editing Services Company is specialized to provide all types of photo editing and retouching services to ensure the output is ideal for use on the e-commerce websites, exhibitions, and even for online and offline printing purposes. That should come below the sub services

Some common benefits you avail by outsourcing jewelry photo retouching services to us

  • We are committed to offer professional jewelry photo retouching services
  • Our professionals ensure that retouched photographs are capable to capture the attention of every viewer
  • We have a team of experts to retouch each image professionally
  • We ensure that clients get the best results within their budget
  • We never compromise on the quality of the services offered
  • Our policy is not to compromise with the fastest turnaround times
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified for delivering high-quality images
  • We use advanced software and up-to-the-minute tools to deliver finest results
  • We ensure complete security and confidentiality of data being shared with us

We have a team of professionals who works dedicatedly with each and every client.  Our experienced and highly experienced photo artists/editors have completed the extensive spectrum of projects across multiple industry verticals. They have gained unmatched proficiency in the field which helps them deliver unparalleled photo editing results.
Contact us now to know more about our jewelry photo retouching services or to discuss your photo editing requirements. Our customer care team will get in touch with you to assist you with all your queries and requisites.

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