Wedding Photo Retouching Services

We love to recapitulate our sweet memories. However, they grow faint with the passage of time. This is why we like to capture the memorable moments and arrest the important motions in celluloid frames in order to evoke spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected in tranquility. To be more precise, the photos of important events and special days give us nostalgic effects and panoramic views of those. Consequently, the days and events become live before us, at least for a few moments.

Therefore, photographs are magical mirrors that can tell us about our pleasurable past in a triumphant way. It can speak everything loudly and silently that we have already been through. A photo is a tool that can bring us closer to our memories again and again and save them from growing faint from our subconscious mind.

The wedding day is a very special day that comes once in a person’s life. Therefore, everybody tries to capture the whole day story along with all wonderful moments and unique bits of it.  In order to capture the spirit of the day in the most memorable way, almost all wedding couples want their wedding photos simple, natural and beautiful. However, due to many reasons or unavoidable circumstances, your wedding photographs do not come in your desired ways. To remove the odds and repair the imperfections, many people look for a professional wedding photo retouching services at most reasonable rates.  We at OURS Global Photo Editing Services Company are here to meet this purpose exactly.  

A professional pool of our wedding photo editors works hard round the clock to ensure you the best possible wedding photographs, blending their creativities with state-of-the-art technologies. 

Our Wedding Photo Editing Services

  • Image Masking
  • Bridal Photo Retouching
  • Wedding Photo Enhancement
  • Raw Image Conversion
  • Image Culling & Color Correction
  • Digital Album Design Services
  • Removal of Photography Defects
  • Object Removal
  • Body Slimming
  • Edit Backgrounds
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Add Makeup

At Ours Global Photo Editing Services Company, we are dedicated to delivering affordable wedding photo editing services with no matter where the marriage ceremony took place, the name of the photographer and the hindrances that made the photography job bad. We are good for those individuals and enterprises looking for the best quality photographs at the most competitive prices. Outsource us, your wedding photo retouching services to save your time, money and labor significantly.

We are at your service round the clock. Visit our “photo upload” section available on our website to upload your images and write your needs clearly. We will do accordingly and send back to you within your defined turnaround time. Our professionals will spare no pains to satisfy your each common and bespoke need exactly and particularly.

Why choose us as your Wedding Photo Retouching Service Provider?

Wedding Photo Retouching Services
  • Quality wedding photo editing services at the most reasonable rates
  • 10 percent of resources "in reserve" to deliver the projects on time or before time, especially during the time of holidays and off days
  • Creative and innovative solutions
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified for delivering high-quality images
  • Transforming ordinary images into alluring pictures  
  • No data or image quality loss
  • A plethora of photo masking services to choose from
  • More than one thousand satisfied clientele across the globe
  • Our professionals are highly skilled in trendsetting wedding photo editing solutions
  • Quick process management
  • Strong infrastructure for ensuring quality solutions within your defined turnaround time    

Our unification of sensibilities, strong visualization power, and high image editing qualities have helped us stand out from the crowd

Call us or mail us with your specific needs anytime you like. Request us for a quote and free consultation services. We are only a phone call or a few mouse clicks away from you.

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Upload your photos from your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.


Our team of professional editors will perform over on your images within 24 hours.


Each image is viewed & checked by our quality control team.


Processed images will be sent via FTP, Dropbox, etc..