Top 10 Candid Photography Tips

Top 10 Candid Photography Tips

Who doesn’t love to have candid photos? Today, the entire world is crazy with clicking candid photos, and we all like to share those on our social media. You can say that the era of candid photography is in its phase of exponential growth. Clicking a candid photograph in a formal photographic situation is one of the quirkiest things a photographer can do. Myself being a photographer, I have snapped down different candid moments of my clients.

I remember the last time when I was hired as a professional wedding photographer, but the ceremony ended with oodles of paparazzi styles. It was no longer a formal wedding shoot for me as candid photos were in much higher demand. Soon I realized that my clients had hired another professional photographer to snap down the formal wedding pictures and assigned me to lock random clicks. It was such an awful moment for me which gave me a platform to click out of the box clicks.

Here in this blog, I shall be highlighting a few tips to enhance the allure of all the candid photos you click on with your cams. Go through it religiously to clinch in the professional expertise at snapping down candid clicks.

Find below the top 10 tips for Candid Photography:

  1. Carry your camera every moment with you:

    This applies to whatever frontier you opt for! To click a perfect candid, first, you need to prepare your heart, soul, and mind for it. An ideal companion for me is my DSLR. I own a DSLR, and I proudly carry it along with me wherever I go. Contributions of my DSLR enhances the aura of what I aim to click. Since photography is my passion and my voice too, my family and friends circle are always curious to collate some of the precious moments we share when we unite.

  2. Long Zooming Adventure:

    To snap down candid moments, it is essential that the person you are targeting for candid photos need not to be aware of the same. The farther your subject is present and the more he is unaware about the clicks and more the beautiful your candid clicks are You can make the use of either a telephone lens or long zoom lens. Using either of these two things imparts a personal space for your subjects to flaunt with their natural expressions while still maintaining the aura and intimacy level of your shot.

  3. Attempt to snap down your candid moments in the absence of flash:

    When you use a flashlight for snapping down photographs, you are making your subject aware about his photographing session. This is precisely where the candid pictures fall short of creating their positive aura. When you are about to click a candid snap, make sure that flash of your DSLR cam is turned off. In case you are planning to click some candid moments in the presence of lower light situations, you need to increase the prominence of your ISO settings. Besides, you can even make the use of a faster lens, open up the aperture of your cam, or at the end, if your camera possesses a natural light mode, do not forget to put it on.

  4. Shoot Lots:

    This is something which I want to share out of my personal experience. When you snap down candid pictures of someone without a pause, God might surprise you with some of the adorable shots possibly you might not be aware of. To witness the magic, all you need to contribute is to switch on the continuous shooting mode of your camera and shoot images like a crackling lar.

  5. Your position while snapping down needs to be strategic and not artistic:

    As we all know that clicking candid photographs is all about catching the spontaneity of the moments. So next time you accept any order for candid photography, ensure that you visit the location a day ahead of the event and determine your position while you snap it down. You need to broaden your horizons of imagination. Imagine what your target audience shall be doing and where you need to face off while you shoot the entire event.

  6. Snap down the moments of people at work:

    The best part of candid photography is that it should reflect a story from your creativity. Prefer snapping down people doing their regular chores. For instance, you may click a snap of a person’s regular schedule. When you do so, you shall be creating elements of a beautiful story for your targeted person. The moment you collate all the details, you will be stumbled with the beauty of your imagination.

  7. Shoot from any angle without bringing it to the notice of your subject:

    The digital cameras give you the liberty to catch priceless moments without much investment. You do not need to raise your digicam to your eye level to snap continuously. If you are a professionally trained photographer, you can play and click many shots from different perspectives. All you need to do is to position your lens with a wider angle setting to get a crystal-clear image.

  8. Amalgamation of different shots forms a classic collection of brilliant images:

    In case you are proficient enough in snapping down pictures from the position of your hips, you have an add-on advantage of collating large photographs. No matter how crooked or out of focus your hip length images turns out to be, you have a lot to exhibit. When you click out of focus, who knows you might get an out of focus but still a perfect shot.

  9. Snap-down moments of people’s reunion:

    Reunions are one of the most favoured themes for snapping down some of the precious images to enhance your photograph collection. Willingly or unwillingly, you introduce the charm of relationship or bond that two-person shares in your picture. Reunions give a photographer ample of candid moments as people share a broad smile when they meet each other.

  10. Foreground elements make your photograph look natural:

    This is something which I practice religiously while snapping down candid moments. Just imagine, you are clicking a candid smile of the girl while you hide altogether behind the shoulders of another person. The same thing happens when you make a professional application of your foreground elements presentation skills.

These are some of the tips I was eager to share with you all. Hoping that my blog shall enhance your skills further and shall help in emancipating all your hustles in your struggling period. Once you finish capturing the image by following the above tips, I would like to suggest to take the help of the photo editing professionals to make the images/photographs to look more beautiful.

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