Photography Trends for 2019 and Beyond


Photography has always been one of the hobbies that has endured the test of time. Ever since the concept of photography was developed into a real-life application, people have been using photography in order to capture moments and immortalize them so that they can be recalled just by looking at what remains of the moment, which is nothing but the photograph itself. Nostalgia is not the only reason photography is popular – today, photographs are essential for businesses as well, for example. Photography is also used for capturing scenery in vibrant detail.

If we take a look at what photography trends could await us in 2019 and beyond, the future truly looks bright in this sector. This is because the technology boom compared with the internet and the vast volume of data of people available at the click of a button makes it easy for photographers to spot opportunities worldwide as well as consider what people want when they look for photographs. Therefore, all that is left for the photographer to do is spot the right opportunity and simply seize it. In the case of photography, seizing the moment is quite literal.

One big trend that is coming up is that major photography organizations are using search data in order to find out global trends and capitalize on this information in order to take the most impactful photographs. Looking at the images that people search for commonly also gives them a deeper look into societal happenings, events that may be occurring, will occur or have already occurred as well as the common aspects between different regions or cultures.

Photography services have evolved from just a simple capturing of a scene or product to developing a feeling or making a statement that people can resonate with or even have a paradigm shift after seeing. Understanding more about people and how they think or what they are thinking about allows the complete personalization of these services in a seamless and efficient manner and this is something that will most probably happen in 2019 and beyond.

Ethics, sustainability and humanitarianism have increased in popularity dramatically over the past few years and this trend is expected to heavily impact photography in 2019 and the years after. When it comes to humanitarianism, it presents a picture of caring about oneself and at the same time, caring about our world. This is where it ties up with ethics – after all, ethics is nothing but a medium for businesses as well as people to behave in a way that is deemed right and just by them. Sustainability as a theme has spiked up in popularity because an increasing number of people have become aware that we are heading towards a path that jeopardizes the quality of life of our future generations and therefore people want to promote sustainable methods of business as well as personal conduct in order to ensure that we are leaving behind a world that we can be proud of.

When it comes to technological trends that are going to take 2019 and the future by storm, a few are below:

Less and less people are using DSLR cameras. This is because mirrorless cameras as well as the superior cameras that come in modern smartphones are replacing DSLR cameras which were thought to be the gold standard of photography.

Dramatic and vibrant landscapes are taking over, as opposed to the theme of minimalism that was rampant up to 2018. This is because people are embracing the true potential of their wide-angle lenses are taking steps to ensure that the entire width of the lens is covered with vibrant scenery that would awe the viewer.

Another important trend that is coming up is High-resolution photographs using Drones to get the perfect angle to shoot the particular photograph. Drones offer a level of flexibility and ease that is unparalleled in the photography industry.

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